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What should I bring?

A standard camping packing list should work just fine. There are stores in most towns and major cities near our venues in-case you forget anything. Here’s a suggested packing list.

What else should I bring?

Each attendee is asked to bring one skill that they can contribute to the community. Snacks from your state or country for sharing are encouraged.

Is power available?

Power is available for charging devices at designated places within camp. While we don’t prohibit the use of electronics, there is no internet and only sporadic cellular service on the grounds.

Is photography allowed?

Absolutely. Only one restriction. Please ask members of the Adventures with Geeks community before snapping a picture of them. We want everyone to feel awesome being their true selves.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is allowed, and sharing is encouraged. While alcohol is allowed, it will not be provided as an official part of the event.

Can I stay in a hotel and participate?

The magic of Adventures with Geeks depends on your on-site participation during the event. We ask that all participants stay at camp during the event. If you’re looking for a less roughing-it camping experience, consider renting an RV.

I’m not a computer geek, but I consider myself a geek. Can I come?

Absolutely. In-fact, members of our groups around the country are scientists, architects, engineers, as well as software programmers, designers, and developers.

What about internet / phone / cellular access?

There’s emergency connectivity on property, but only to be used by staff in the event of an emergency. Cellular coverage is available in some parts of the property.

Are families / kids / pets allowed?

Yes, however the safety and supervision of kids is your sole responsibility. While pets are allowed at some venues, remember that this is open wilderness. PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE BRINGING A PET FOR SPECIFICS. Keep an eye on your furry friends, especially if they’re smaller than a red-tailed hawk.

Please note, this is an adult-oriented event. There will not be specific activities for children.

What about firearms? Can I bring firearms to Camp for hunting or recreation?

Please leave your firearms at home, recreational firearm activities are not allowed at Adventures with Geeks.

Can I bring fireworks?

Please contact us before bringing fireworks for use during Adventures with Geeks.

Why disconnect?

Awesome connections online start with strong connections offline. You’ll get to know some amazing people in the tech and creative fields, and make some great friends along the way.

  • Want to crack open a brew and hit the trail with fellow designers or developers?
  • A pickup game of basketball with fellow agency owners?
  • Maybe some canoeing and solitude by yourself to contemplate your next big decision… or a group canoeing trip to get together with others and talk it out…

The camp is ours. The activities are what we choose. It’s organic. Disconnected. All ours to build for one relaxing and excellent weekend.


Questions about the weekend? Drop ’em here! We’d love to hear from you.