Camp updates 8/24/2017

Hey there! The Camp Press family is super excited to welcome you to camp. This update includes important information about departures, food, directions and a couple misc questions we received from the recent survey.

Final schedule

On check-in, you’ll receive a welcome packet with the final schedule and orientation information.

Departing from Camp on Sunday

There were some concerns about making flights on Sunday evening. We’ve since adjusted the departure time to 4pm. You’re welcome to stay longer on Sunday evening so you’re not waiting at the airport by yourself — if possible, please attempt to leave no earlier.


There is a Walmart and grocery store in town near Fry Lake. Some eats coupled with a styro cooler or cooler bag is all you’ll need. The hope is that people will bring enough for themselves to enjoy, and a little extra to share with others (if you’re feeling generous). Feel free to coordinate food on the Camp Slack channel. A full industrial kitchen with refrigerator is available at camp along with an ice machine. You’re welcome to keep feed in your car, cabin, tent, RV, or the kitchen. We’ll also provide cooking utensils and ignition supplies for cooking fires. No need to bring any cooking equipment with you. We’ve got you covered.

Staying in a cabin?

Awesome. As shown on the website, these cabins are very basic. There is a basic camping bed and thin mattress, however no sheets, pillows, or other supplies are provided. Please bring a sleeping bag and/or sheets and blankets and pillow.


The facility is rented to us during the weekend. Once you get there, we’ll show you where everything is, but there’s no need to register for a campsite ahead of time. There’s a ton of space, and no concern that we’ll run out.


The address for Fry Lake Camp is:

36209 Highway 9 E
Wewoka, Oklahoma 74868

That’s all for now! As always, you can submit a contact form or email [email protected] with any questions.

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