Why an improviser, karaoke’r and webcomics lover is excited to get to camp

We asked people why they’re coming to Camp Press, we got some awesome answers. Dwayne shared his thoughts…

One of the greatest joys I have had in my life over the last few years is getting to hang out with my extended WordPress family at all the awesome WordCamps around the world. Most of the time though, I am running between sessions, manning a booth or talking shop, even at social events. I often leave events knowing what folks are working on, but not knowing much about them as people. This leaves me feeling a bit isolated — more than I like to admit.

Having a weekend to connect with people is an amazing chance to strengthen the personal bonds underlying the work we do as a community, and renew our souls. After all, each and every person I have had the chance to connect with personally has been just the best human being and I always find inspiration in such exchanges. Also, having a weekend offline, something we in the industry rarely get a chance to do, has some great appeal.

Getting back to nature, with others doing the same thing, is way overdue. And, where better to do this in nature, in the middle of America. I can’t wait for camp!

Join Dwayne and the rest of the awesome crew coming to Camp Press.

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