Why core contributor, soccer player, and WWE enthusiast is excited to connect around the campfire

We asked people why they’re coming to Camp Press, we got some awesome answers. This is what Felix had to say.

When I heard about Camp Press, I knew I had to go. I’m convinced that having disconnected discussions at a campfire, together with fun activities, makes it much easier to get to know fellow WordPress people and build good relationships. Usually conversations at conferences last only for a short time, since there are so many people around and everyone tries to meet a lot of people.

Combining the small attendee limit with the more casual atmosphere, I think Camp Press allows for more conversations that go beyond what we do with WordPress. I’m looking forward to meeting interesting new people and getting to know those better that I’ve already met.

Last but not least I love to travel, and camping with a bunch of WordPress talents a few thousand miles from home sounds like a lot of fun!

Join Felix and the rest of the awesome crew coming to Camp Press.

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