Our mission is simple:

Help geeks detox from the stress of digital life with other geeks, tech workers, and web professionals.

Who attends

Adventures with Geeks is attended by employees of large tech companies like Microsoft, Indeed, and GoDaddy as well as by leaders and experts in the web development, web design, and web products industries.

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Graphic assets

Adventures with Geeks logo in SVG, AI, and PNG available here.

In the news

History of Camp Press

A little while after Aaron, Christen and I became friends, it almost seemed like Camp Press was meant to be. I had been contemplating how to spend more time away from my computer and on the trail or in the campground. I mentioned the idea of creating a camp for disconnecting from technology to Aaron, and he mentioned he happened to live on an old summer camp. What were the odds! I took a spontaneous road trip from Austin, TX to Wewoka, OK to check out the camp and instantly fell in love. It was the perfect place for the first Camp Press and we all knew it. After two years of hearing the same thirst for digital detox from friends, coworkers, and members of the WordPress community, Camp Press was born in Sept 2017. It’s origins were very much in the WordPress community (hence the ‘press’ part of the name), but Camp Press is for, and has been attended by, geeks of all types. I decided to keep the name as a small nod to the origins of the event.