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Private trip departures

Beyond travel agents and tour guide trips, our private trip departures service takes you, your family, or your team on a custom adventure past the common sights and sounds, and creates a tailored experience that will make you feel like you’ve deeply experienced your destination.

What’s the difference between private trip departures and small group travel?

Private trip departures are ideally suited for groups of 2 to 20 that want to experience a place with only the people they’ve chosen to attend. Team retreats, white-label adventure events, family trips, and special occasions are reasons why people choose private trips over small group travel (traveling with a tight-knit group of various people from across the globe).

We’re a different type of adventure company.

Geek Adventures specializes in building off-the-beaten path outdoor experiences that make adventure travel more rewarding while still creating an opportunity for you to enjoy the most popular attractions in a particular area.

Our experiences take you to places some don’t often go, and allow you to experience the natural world in a new and exciting way.

We’re also a camping outfitter so you won’t need to worry about making your way to a far-off destination without the proper gear. We’ve got you covered.

What’s included?

We take care of everything. From eclectic itineraries, to meeting space, to hotels, to food, to transportation, we’ll make sure that your trip is awesome. For groups that plan to white-label or charge individual participants for their share of the trip, we also include a convenient trip payment portal with both pay-in-full and monthly payment capabilities. All trips include recommended packing lists.

Let’s chat about your private trip departure.

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