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Jan 19
Hike Turkey Creek trail!
Austin - Turkey Creek Trail - 1600 City Park Rd.

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What is Hiking with Geeks?

Hiking with Geeks is a local volunteer-led meetup group for STEM workers and geeks who enjoy being outdoors and hiking. All skill levels are welcome.

So that people know what to expect (especially when visiting from another chapter city), all groups have a similar vibe. It’s something that the members of the community appreciate, so we take it pretty seriously.

We are an inclusive hiking group: All events are for all self-identified geeks regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Members must be 18+, but minors are allowed when accompanied by an adult.

We are a supportive hiking group: Hikers encourage themselves and others. Not every trail is simple, and we all need an emotional, physical, or psychological ‘hand’. We’re there for our fellow geeks.

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