What is a Geek?

We’ve often been asked the questions, “what is a geek?” or “how do you define a geek?”. The truth is, the current official definition of what a geek is hasn’t kept up with popular culture. The stereotype of a pocket-protector-wearing-socially-awkward-person is now incorrect, and has been ever since the general population started consuming information at great speed and in high quantities from the internet. So what is a geek? We’re here to set the record straight.

geek noun | \ˈgēk\

A person of great knowledge, passion, creativity, and/or interest related to a particular topic.

Detailed definition of a geek

So, what is a geek? A geek’s area of interest typically relates to science, technology, engineering, or math, but those are not exclusive categories. For instance, a person may become a geek about something — such as belly dancing or football — simply by being greatly passionate about the topic.

Where do geeks come from?

Geeks can come from any background or culture, and span genders, orientation, identification, race and religion.

If chosen, a person may self-identify as a geek.

What’s the difference between a geek and a nerd?