Addictive technology + your friends on Facebook

Sometimes friends just don’t understand. We’re diggin’ in to how disconnecting can effect friendships… and a sprinkle of other interesting stuff. Now for the goods!

The Digital Detox – January 2018

Technology is meant to be addictive

And Claudia Geib argues that our digit pedaling drug dealers probably aren’t in a hurry to cut the supply of dopamine. As technology gets more immersive, the ethical and health questions around technology, addiction, and profit become heavier.

Are your friends mysteriously vanishing from Facebook?

You might wonder WHY?! If so, this is probably a great article for you. Olivia Cross from Elite Daily lets us in on her journey to get away from the instant gratification of social media (with plenty of animated GIFs of course).

The positive: “The first week was easy. I’d wake up more rested in the mornings because I wasn’t up unreasonable hours the night prior, scrolling and re-scrolling through the stagnant feed, hoping for a change of display.”

The negative: “I was being bombarded with emotional panic. I was surprised people noticed so quickly. I would tell them I deactivated for awhile, and they would instantly respond, ‘WHY???’”.

Getting in touch with yourself outdoors can impact your relationships at home

In a recent blog post on Eyes on Environment, Amy Williams gives us a glimpse into the experience of total lack of tech. Bottom line? It can be hard, especially on relationships. Check out what she had to say about her recent trip to Madagascar.

A practical psychological approach to technology detox

Yea yea yea, a lot of us sayyyy we want to spend less time with our technology, but when it comes to making it happen sometimes we’re a littttle less resolute. Psychology Today’s got us covered with a practical guide, which is relevant today and interestingly written in 2014. Coincidence that we’re still talking about digital detox three years later? Hmmm.

Upcoming group trips

We’ve got some fun digital detox adventures coming up. All trips are all-inclusive… all you’ve got to do is get there.

  • Explore the Volcano Huts in Þórsmörk, Iceland. AWG North is happening April 19th.
  • We’re headed to the San Marcos River for a long weekend of camping and fun. AWG South is happening Feb 23rd (ticket sales end soon).

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