Ancient bears, wine, and mysterious disappearing antlers

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Geeks in the Wild – January, 2018 V2.1

Mother nature says it’s time to build a wine cellar

If you like wine, you probably know generally the kind you like. Malbec? Champagne? Merlot? Scientists are sounding the warning alarm that our favorite varieties of grapes might not be around forever. That’s because climate change is making it more difficult to grow less robust grapes (yep, the ones we all love to guzzle on special occasions, or in front of the Flix during a marathon of Friends). Time to stock up.

Bucks like to drop it like it’s hot

Their antlers that is. If you thought bucks keep their antlers for a lifetime, you’ve got another thing comin’. Bucks shed their antlers after a few weeks, and Neil Garrison explains why in this article. Spoiler: It’s all about confusing coyotes.

Ancient bears had a sweet tooth

What do raspberries, blueberries, lingonberries, and crowberries all have in common? They’re the wildlife version of candy, and now there’s evidence that ancient bears should have gone to the dentist more.

Have you been spending less time in nature?

You’re not alone. Modern societies has been trending towards the indoors for some time, and Florence Williams is documenting the healing benefits of breaking free from the indoors and getting some Vitamin D. If getting out more is part of your New Years resolution, check out “The Nature Fix” synopsis in Earth Journal.

Upcoming group trips

Want to disconnect with other geeks?

We’ve got some fun adventures coming up, and would sure love for you to join in the fun. All trips are all-inclusive… all you’ve got to do is get there.

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