Castlerigg Stone Circle

About Castlerigg Stone Circle in Cumbria, UK

The Castlerigg Stone Circle is one of the oldest British stone circles (sometimes called a mini-Stonehenge), as it was constructed around 3000 BCE. Castlerigg (and the area surrounding the stone circle) is ridiculously picturesque with beautiful sweeping panoramic views of area mountains. I’d imagine that if you’re lucky enough to catch a sunrise or sunset during a visit, the views would be even more incredible.

While I was looking forward to having some tranquil viewing time, there were plenty of tourists (and a local fencing group) at the Castlerigg Stone Circle. Even with the extra company, this stone circle is something you should definitely go out of your way to see. There’s plenty of room around the circle itself to take pictures, have a picnic, or just have a seat, take a second, and relax. This location is also included in many walking (hiking) routes in the lake district if you’re interested in making your visit a part of a full-day excursion. Here’s a great route I found that includes Walla Crag!

Quick tips for visiting the Castlerigg Stone Circle

Here are some quick tips to help make your visit more awesome.

  • Arrive near sunrise or sunset (fewer people are likely to be there).
  • Leashed dogs are welcome.
  • There is parking (on the side of the road) near the circle. No need to park down the hill.
  • There are signs posted near the parking area to leave valuables out-of-sight.
  • Each gate has a different bit of information about Castlerigg Stone Circle to read.
  • Make sure to walk around the entirety of the circle to see it from every vantage.
  • Check out this map of the circle before you go.

If you’ve been to the Castlerigg Stone Circle, leave your tips, thoughts, and reactions in the comments section!


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