The Dark Side of Social Media + Millennials and Silence

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The Digital Detox – December 2017

How many times have you broken up with Facebook?

The humans over at Mintel say plenty. They also discuss the dark side of social media, with some recent research on how social media effects mental well-being, sleep, and the feeling of connectedness. My favorite excerpt — “Mentions of “social media detox/break” have seen a 71% monthly trend increase over the last year, and women account for two-thirds of the share of voice, according to data from social media monitoring and analytics firm Infegy.” That’s a lotta breakin’ up with social media. Seems what we’ve got is a love/hate relationship with the like button, and that little blue bird.

Are you using technology to escape the now?

Nancy Colier thinks so, and talks about it in this excerpt from her new book. She connects other life experiences (a glass of wine vs. drinking an entire bottle) to how we consume technology. Her argument– we probably aren’t aware how technologically reliant we are. “Out of all the escape strategies, all the anesthetizing agents that humanity has invented over time, technology may prove to be the most difficult one from which to wake up.”

Luxury is beginning to look a lot like a camping trip

At least, that’s the trend for overstimulated millennials these days. It appears nature is the new luxurious escape. Forget the traditional spa and go for a dip in a hot spring if you really want to indulge. Only question… is there Prosecco? “Experiences in nature such as forest bathing, hikes, surfing, and notably hot springs are a huge factor for millennials deciding where to travel, according to health and wellness publication Well+Good‘s August 2017 survey of 4,600 W+G readers.”

Ever heard of the experience economy?

Tim Ashelford thinks that there’s a “growing desire to document, share and curate our lives”. And asks, “could this be the hidden, slightly-less-romantic reason we’re heading outside?”. Interesting question, Tim. Here’s another one — if people are going outside, does it matter how they get there? Worth contemplating.

Upcoming group trips

Want to disconnect with other geeks?

We’ve got some fun adventures coming up, and would sure love for you to join in the fun. All trips are all-inclusive… all you’ve got to do is get there.

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