Best hiking camera, our picks for photos on the trail

We’ve spent thousands of hours on the trail with many different cameras, and have determined that the Sony α7 III is the best hiking camera.

Weight, size, and durability matter when taking photos on the trail, that’s why we love the Sony α7 III, and believe it’s the best hiking camera. The mirrorless design keeps weight down, while an all metal body makes this a durable camera. Add in a full-frame sensor and 4k video, and this camera packs a big visual punch.

Sony a7 III

The best hiking camera.

Built-tough lightweight camera with full frame sensor and small profile, this little camera packs a big punch.

The Sony a7 III is a do-all camera in a small body. Compared to larger cameras with mirrors, this mirrorless camera is barely noticeable on the trail. The mirrorless system accommodates smaller lenses so you’ll have more room for gear instead of cluttering your pack with lenses. There are more expensive Sony mirrorless cameras (with higher megapixel and additional features), but the Sony a7 III is the best all-around camera with a full-frame sensor, which means you’ll be able to capture clearer low-light photos (among other quality improvements). Add a USB-C charging / data port, and this camera is unstoppable on the go.

Sony a6000

A solid pick for beautiful hiking photos.

The perfect budget pick SLR for hiking photography. Interchangeable lenses, awesome video, durable and lightweight.

If you’re on a budget and new to the world of SLRs, this camera is the ideal pick. The Sony a6000 has interchangeable lenses and travels well with the same mirrorless design as the a7 iii. In-fact the Sony a6000 feels lighter than it’s full-frame counterparts. That’s in-part because the sensor is smaller, there’s only one data card slot, and the battery is slightly smaller. Not noticeable differences if this is your first SLR — this camera will definitely impress if you’ve been shooting phone-only.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

The ultimate in optics portability.

If pack weight and optics are both important to you, this kit is the ultimate in portable and diverse optics for your mobile phone.

As phone cameras have gotten better, so have external lenses that are meant to augment existing phone optics. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is designed with versatility in mind. With wide-angle and macro lenses included, you can achieve an optical zoom unheard of with built-in iPhone or Android glass. Added to the package is an adjustable usb-rechargeable GlowClip which allows for better control over shot lighting. All of that in a package that’s only 4.8 ounces. We’re talkin’ minimalism and nice optics in a tiny package.

We’ve spent thousands of hours on the trail with many different cameras, and have determined that the Sony α7 III is the best hiking camera.

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