Crowd-sourced packing lists, and what's in my bag!

If you’re like me, you’ve been on a hike where being more prepared would have made the hike more comfortable, safe, and/or enjoyable. I bet everyone who’s been on at least one hike has a good idea of what they’d bring while hiking a particular type of terrain, or in a particular type of weather.

Lets crowd-source packing lists!

Recently I got to thinking… what if we were to put our knowledge together, and crowd-source packing lists? Have you hiked the Pacific Coast Trail? Awesome! What did you take with you? Are you a winter hiker? What do you pack to stay safe and warm during your winter hikes?

The new wiki section

The new wiki section allows you to both create your own list, and make changes or additions to lists that others make. All changes are tracked and attributed to you. Kinda cool, eh?

Do you have a hiking pack / day-pack full of awesomeness?

If you’d like to show off what’s in your day-pack, others would love to see it. Feel free to create a list prefixed with “WIMB:” and show off what you carry with you!

Follow these instructions to contribute

To contribute or edit a list, just click Log In above. Not a member yet? Go here to sign up for free! Forgot your username or password? You can recover it on the login screen. Once you’ve logged in, go to the wiki section and check out the sample list I created. Then, make your own (or make mine better)!

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