Using the Eagle Creek Clean Dirty Cube for efficient adventure packing

I regularly use the Eagle Creek Clean Dirty Cube for work travel and camping. Best part? It keeps the clean things clean, and the dirty things out of range of your nose. That’s especially important when you’re cramming as much as you can into a confined area. The thing is, this cube is soooooo simple. You can either watch what I have to say about it, or keep reading.

How does the Eagle Creek Clean Dirty Cube work?

Inside the cube between the clean and dirty side, there’s a plasticky area. The cool part is that there’s mesh on the clean side (that way you get that good clean clothes smell inside your bag) — that’s where the clean clothes go. And for the dirty clothes, there’s a completely enclosed space. That’s the area where you wouldn’t be able to smell anything if, you know, you put your smelly socks and underwear in the cube.

How to pack the Eagle Creek Clean Dirty Cube

When you change out of your used clothes for the day, just unzip the dirty side (side without the mesh), roll your shirt up, and throw it in. I’ve found that socks work better when laying them over the top of the rolled clothing, so those can go in last. Of course, the only pain is that you have to touch your dirty clothes long enough to roll them up.

The idea is to pull things from the clean side, wear them, put them on the dirty side, and keep doing it until nothing is left on the clean side. Then, you have a totally encapsulated dirty clothes receptacle to empty right into the washing machine when you get home.

In my experience, the dirty side of the cube has kept cigar and campfire smoke from stinking up my bag. I’ll never travel without this thing. Ooo, and the best part… the cube fits right inside my Osprey bag.

Hope this tip has been helpful. Here’s a link to the cube on Amazon. Let me know if it was in the comments!

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