Keeping Yourself Entertained On The Way to Your Next Adventure

The next time you’re headed out on an adventure to a far flung place, don’t forget to consider how you’ll pass the time on your journey. I’ve been caught a time or two on a long haul flight with limited entertainment options (no books and non-charged devices). While chatting with flight attendants, sleeping, and watching the clouds might be fun for a little while, 12+ hours without entertainment can make anyone a little stir crazy. Here are three ways to pass the time on the flight to your next adventure.

Bring a Good Box Set

While it probably doesn’t make sense to stuff your carry-on with your favorite season of Friends on DVD, pre-loading select TV shows and movies onto your device is a great way to make sure you have your preferred entertainment on your journey. It’s even possible to cash in on the thousands of hours of entertainment Netflix provides if you think ahead. For PCs, Androids, iPhones, and iPads, it’s simple to download your favorite Netflix EPs. For Mac owners, there’s a nifty guide on Set App ( that walks through the steps it takes to bring offline Netflix to a non-PC. Oh, and if you think you’ll stream your favorite shows while in the air, you might want to reconsider. International data speeds haven’t yet caught up with new domestic high speed in-air internet speeds, and some intercontinental flights still don’t offer internet access over the ocean.

Brush Up On Your Language Skills

If productivity is your jam, it might not be a bad idea to brush up on your foreign language skills (especially if it’s the language you’ll be using when you land). Apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone make it easy to immerse yourself in a language. Using real-world examples, conversational quizzes, and, of course, excellent visual cues, these apps make learning a new language (or brushing up on a previously learned language) a lot of fun. 

Lose Yourself In A Podcast

Want something quick, easy, and free to add to your in-flight entertainment repertoire? Consider subscribing to and downloading your favorite podcasts before you board your plane. What’s awesome about podcasts is that they often take a very short amount of time and bandwidth to download at your originating airport, so they’re a good bet for a quick entertainment download if you forgot to pre-save video or music. If you’re looking to discover new shows, look no further than the Apple Podcast app to find awesome podcasts on iPhone or the Google Podcasts app to search great podcasts on Android enabled phones. Interested in outdoor and adventure podcasts? Take a look at the list at The Dyrt. Looking for a little more drama? Why not try out a true crime podcast! Vulture has a nice list of true crime podcasts to get you started.

However you choose to spend your time on a long flight, just remember that a little pre-planning goes a long way.

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