Moth that looks terrifying is only trying to smell you

No, that moth isn’t about to suck your brain, it’s just gettin’ to know you.

Geeks in the Wild – Week of 10/30/17

by Juan Manuel Sánchez

Ever been terrified by a moth? This one will haunt your dreams.

Joe Brown (Editor in Chief for Popular Science) posted a terrifying video of a tentacled moth — which is great, cause it’s almost Halloween. Apparently these deliciously freaky bugs use their tentacles to sense, not to kill their human overlords like I originally thought.

As satellites reach EOL, climate data at risk

Three ol’ satellites meant to help measure Arctic sea ice have a serious aging issue, and their next-of-kin just met an ill fate. The military satellites that have been beaming continuous snow and ice data to earth have reached their service limit, and the satellite sent to relieve them was pronounced dead this month. It’s possible that scientists will have a gap in their data until the 2020s when they can send a new hunk of science into space.

Bangalore is learning again how nature is critical for urban life

Old wisdom is in vogue again in Bangalore, India. Harini Nagendra explains how old traditions of celebrating nature have slowly been forgotten in this bustling city — and how that has led to choked water and air resources. There’s a new movement afoot for once again lovin’ on nature to help bring about renewal in the city’s air and water quality.

BTW, if you want to find a place on earth where you won’t be able to access this content, Iceland might be the spot. April 19th is the big day.

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