Paramedic ants + wood that’s stronger than steel

​Turns out, ants are some seriously skilled paramedics!

Geeks in the Wild – February, 2018 V2.2

We already know ants are strong, now we’re learning they also triage the wounded

Scientists have been studying the habits of ants, especially when it comes to taking care of their wounded comrades. This fascinating article in the Guardian explains how these tiny critters not only help a fallen friend out by carrying them to safety, they also help nurse their wounds.

Ever think about putting a piece of wood in a panini press?

That’s kinda what the science peeps did at University of Maryland recently. The end result – a wood creation that’s stronger than steel. Of course, don’t throw your house plants into a panini press and hope for the best, the entire process and results (along with a cool video) are riiiiggghhhttt here.

Spending time outside will make you feel better about yourself, seriously.

Who knew something as simple as spending time outside could do so much for body image. Some research out of the United Kingdom is now suggesting that even outdoor activities as simple as looking at photos of the great outdoors can make us feel better about ourselves and others. Sounds like a win win. Get exercise, love yoself.

It’s the Snapchat of natural art, kinda.

Kimberley Mok investigates James Brunt’s ephemeral natural spiral art, and it caught our attention. Here’s how it works: He creates epic designs on beaches and in other natural areas with items he finds nearby. He lets nature destroy said artwork. Sometimes he does it to raise awareness, sometimes just for the awesomeness of it all.

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