Real-World Adventures for the RPG Lover

For some, being a geek means loving video game culture. No matter which game you enjoy, pretty much every gamer, no matter their favorite brand, console or game, has at least one goto RPG.

There are a number of cool and exciting team-building games and activities that bring role playing games to the real-world. Just because you’re taking a break from the computer or console doesn’t mean you can’t get your RPG fix! Here are some awesome examples of real-world experiences that’ll get you moving and thinking IRL.

All Adrift

A team-building, role-playing game/activity in which a group of people are hypothetically stranded in the middle of a body of water. They must work together to figure out a way to get safely back on land. Team members and players determine a list of items they’re able to grab at the last minute to help them get to safety. This game teaches players all about problem solving, working together under pressure and how to think on their feet. 

Electric Fence

This is an old game, probably a relic from the playground, but a good one. An invisible electric fence is in your way; you and your team of players have to figure out how to get past it without being shocked. It’s harder and more complex than you think! 

Laser Tag / Paintball

One doesn’t always immediately think of games like laser tag or paintball as an RPG, but in recent years, with different and elaborate storylines being incorporated into games, and things like equipment and costumes reflecting these various storylines, they’ve basically become real-world video games. Act out your favorite scenarios, storylines and plot points as you play. 


Some might not consider a game like Dungeons and Dragons to be a real-life RPG, but it totally is. You’re playing outside of a video game with real life players, aren’t you? And D&D is more involved, engaging and complex than many video games out there, not to mention the storylines are rich, inventive and the game can last forever. Many people who have met playing D&D have gone on to become lifelong friends. 


Tradecraft is as much a lifestyle – probably more so – than it is any kind of game, but people are really into it. Tradecraft is often described as a state of mind, or being. It involves the implementation of various strategies, skills, resources, tools, and attitudes that pull from nomadism, survivalism, and independent thinking. Imagine you’re prepping for doomsday, learning real-world skills to survive a zombie apocalypse. You’ve got to overhaul your entire way of living to best survive. That’s what tradecraft is like. It’s incredibly involved and extensive, hence the “lifestyle” aspect of it! 

Mystery Games

You’ve probably seen those board games at the local game store – Murder Mystery Night and others. You may not have paid much attention to them, but these games are role-based games that are tons of fun! These real-world RPGs are based on a particular theme – Mafia Hit, Mardi Gras Massacre, etc – usually there’s a crime, and you must find out who did it from a cast of characters (played by your own friends). Most games come with detailed themes complete with a dinner and drink menu, a CD of relevant music, name tags, plot points, clue cards, and more. 

These are just a few ways to get your role-playing fix in the real world. Now get out into the real world and dream up some fun storylines! With a willing team, you’ll have the time of your (simulated) life!

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