3 Adventurous Ways to Spend Your Next Vacation

For many, a vacation is a chance to disconnect from work, digital detox, spend some time by the beach, and sip a cocktail or two. If you’re like us however, you might prefer a little more adventure in your off-time. Here are 3 adventurous ways to spend your next vacation. 

Try a new adventure sport

Lately it seems there are as many sports on earth as people willing to play them. From extreme ironing to cycle ball, there’s certainly something for everyone.

Try something new like cycling or white water rafting on your next vacation. Love watching winter sports on TV? Why not try your hand at snowboarding or skiing? Of course, there are inherent dangers with any adventure sport (especially if you haven’t tried it before), so book some lessons, and make sure your health insurance is in order.

Our advice: Grab some new gear. If your life is oriented towards adventure, you’ll likely use the gear again; if not, it’s always easy to sell used gear through secondary marketplaces like eBay or Amazon (and some items like helmets can be repurposed for multiple sports). Companies like nutcase (wild helmets) and Never Summer (badass snowboards) are building truly cool outdoor adventure stuff that we can’t wait to get our hands on. 

On a budget? Backpack.

If you’re on a budget, backpacking is an inexpensive and amazing way to explore any destination. Hiking gets you away from the tourist traps and into nature where you’ll experience your surroundings like a local. Heck, you might even meet some locals, too.

Headed out on an international excursion? Backpacking from town to town can be one of the best ways to experience a foreign country. You’ll have the opportunity to explore markets, try out the street food, and maybe even catch a street musician or two along the way.

Our advice: Plan the most rigorous part of your backpacking adventure for the beginning of your trip, and end the experience in a place where you can rest, rejuvenate, and get a little R&R before heading back home; a hot tub after a long thru hike is never a terrible idea. 

Become a National Park junky

National parks are some of the most beautiful places on earth, and most offer all sorts of outdoor activities. Hiking, orienteering, cycling, birding, boating, climbing, and fishing are just a few of the activities you’ll regularly find at National Parks all over the world.

Enjoy the stunning surroundings and awesome activities, but remember to look up for clear views of the sky from the unspoiled paradise that you’re visiting.

Our advice: Check out what activities are available in the park you’re visiting before you depart, that way you’ll know what to bring. Some National Parks in the United States offer full-service shops that provide camping gear replacements and routing materials, while internationally, some national parks will have shops to buy and hire equipment.

Bonus: Sleeping under the stars is cheaper than a five star hotel, and the air is likely a lot fresher.

Not a camper? Many National Parks throughout the world have surprising amenities like glamping pods and hotels, so don’t rule out that National Park visit just yet!

Those are some of our favorite outdoor vacation ideas, how do you like to vacation?

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