Longhorn Cavern State Park

About Longhorn Cavern

Longhorn Cavern is one of the many caves in the Austin area, and one of a few that offer regularly scheduled tours. The cave is only available to those purchasing a tour ticket, and while the land itself is state-owned, it’s managed by a private company.

The Longhorn Cavern tour

The tour is an information-packed, crisp and rote presentation designed to give a bit of history about the cave, how it was discovered, and to paint a picture of its many past uses. The general walking tour is not a great tour for learning about the cave’s geological features (there is a geology tour which likely provides more of that information).

From speakeasy to fallout shelter, Longhorn Cavern has had a long history of interesting uses. The cave can also be rented for fully-catered, fully-powered (electric is available) events (and rumor has it that some pretty big names rent the place out for SXSW every year).

If you’re planning to visit Longhorn Cavern, here are some tips:

  • Attempt to book your tour during weekdays when class is in session. I booked during a break, and found myself with a pretty packed tour.
  • For photographers, bring a quick lens and stay in the back of the group to take pictures backwards.
  • Strollers are allowed, dogs and flavored drinks are not.
  • Wear shoes suited for wet weather.
  • There is a snack bar and gift shop on site, and they sell plenty of cave and Texas keepsakes.
  • There are other things to explore in Longhorn Cavern State Park, so come for the tour, but plan to spend some extra time in the park itself.
  • Cellular service is extremely poor in the visitors center.

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