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Walla Crag, an enchanting hike & awesome overlook

Before I visited Keswick, only castles, fashion, royalty, and high tea came to mind when I thought of England. I certainly didn’t think of hiking (or ‘walking’ as the locals call it). However, just a hop skip and a jump…

Austin peacock tail

Peacocks in Austin? All about Mayfield Park

There are plenty of places to explore during your first Austin visit. However, if you’ve recently moved or are looking for an off-the-beaten-path sorta spot to check out, the Austin peacocks might be worth seeing. And, while it might seem…

Iao Valley State Park, a valley steeped in history

When you land on Maui and are looking for some immediate exploration beyond Maui’s beautiful beaches, rent a car and drive to Iao Valley State Park (you might also want to stop by an ATM as the entrance fee is…

hiking at enchanted rock

Enchanted Rock

I took the morning to drive to Fredericksburg from Austin, TX to check out Enchanted Rock (a granite exfoliation dome).