Lost Pines Trail

The juxtaposition of massive fire destruction and subsequent renewal was both eerie and beautiful.

Closest street address to Lost Pines Trail
100 Park Rd 1-A
Bastrop, TX 78602
Trail coordinates
Lat: 30.1101798
Lng: -97.28692799999999

About Lost Pines Trail

When I first arrived at Lost Pines Trail in Bastrop State Park, I was awestruck. It was winter in Texas, so I expected to wind through a quiet and interesting forest of green pine trees. What I saw stunned me. Trees as far as the eye can see, torched by the Bastrop County Complex Fire of 2011. It’s amazing though, how new growth can’t help but find its way through the charred remains of trees ravaged by the destruction of the fire.

Hiking Lost Pines Trail

The hike itself should be easy, however there are plenty of points where dead trees have fallen across the trail. While it was fun for me (I made a game of hurtling over fallen trees), it might not be for everyone. They’re clearing trees on the lost pine trail as quickly as they can, but because many old standing pines are dead, they’ve fallen faster than the facility staff can cut them apart.

The hike is beautiful. Rolling hills. Wildlife. Streams. Old and new plant life. It’s really something to see, as it’s such a unique thing to experience a forest this soon after such a massive fire. I did get a little lost on a couple parts of the trail, so keep alert and read signs or pick up a map before you hike.

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