The Cut

Closest street address to The Cut

57 Town Mountain Rd
Asheville, NC 28804
Trail coordinates
Lat: 35.6012195
Lng: -82.5402919

About The Cut

Since it was my first time in Asheville, I wanted to find a great elevated spot to view the entire city (as I try to do with any new city). My new friends from the area recommended The Cut — literally the spot where interstate 240 was cut through the rock. This scenic lookout is possibly one of the best places to view the entire city of Asheville from one vantage point, and best enjoyed on a clear day.

asending the cut in asheville north carolinaHow to find the entrance of The Cut

Finding The Cut can be a little tricky since it’s not officially marked. As you drive along Town Mountain Rd, you’ll see a fenced-off electrical box and tank on the right side of the road. This area marks the start of the ascend up the hill. Find a place to park in the neighborhoods nearby (there’s plenty of street parking), and walk back to the fenced-off area. Directly behind the electric box and tank, you’ll find a worn path that leads directly up the hill. It’s a steep (but short) climb, and following the path to the left is the quickest way to make it to the top. There was another steeper path at the top that led to an even higher part of the hill, but as I found out after a tumble down after a failed attempt, that climb is better suited for hiking boots.

This just in from the Asheville Police, about The Cut

From what I can tell from other websites, The Cut is best explored during the day, however, if you choose to explore the area at night, make sure to bring an excellent flashlight. The trail to the top is by no means as well manicured as an official hiking path would be.

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