Willow Creek Trail

Closest street address to Willow Creek Trail

Willow Creek Trail
Lone Tree, CO 80124
Trail coordinates
Lat: 39.5722615
Lng: -104.9068105

There’s something special about Colorado in the summer. It’s beautiful, like every mountain scene you’ve seen in tabletop books. Rocky, green, snow-capped. Flowers are in bloom and animal life abounds. It was exactly that, which I found at Willow Creek Trail (also known as Bluffs Trail).

I owed my friends a visit, and Independence Day seemed like the perfect time. A plane ride, breakfast, coffee, and nerdy conversation (in downtown Denver) later, we were on our way to the suburbs to burn some time relaxing and enjoying the excellent weather.

Willow Creek Trail is for recreation

It’s not a massive trail, although it will get you huffing and puffing a bit. To call the mound this trail winds around a mountain, would be philanthropic. Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood of Lone Tree, Willow Creek Trail is mostly a recreational hiking & jogging trail used by locals for their daily jog.

Ahh, the sweeping views

At the top of Willow Creek Trail, the sweeping views of Denver and the surrounding areas are incredible. On a clear day you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the city as well as surrounding mountain ranges (indicated on a metal map, also at the top).

Listen, it’s not a ‘must see’ trail, but it’s definitely worth going a few miles out of the way to see, especially on a clear day. If you happen to check this spot out, or live in the area and have some other tips, leave them in the comments!

Photos of the hike

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